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Global supply chain operations are critically important to business performance and success.

The first book of its kind, Legal Blacksmith explains how to optimize any supply chain relationship. This book describes each state of the supply chain relationship and the law that governs it in a clear and understandable way, how to structure supply chain contracts to accommodate particular buyer and supplier concerns, and how to right a supply chain relationship that has gotten off track.

About Legal Blacksmith

Legal Blacksmith was written to help executive management, supply chain executives, in-house legal professionals, and other attorneys deal with difficult supply chain issues including:

  • Drafting and negotiating supply chain contracts
  • Working with international supply chain partners
  • Structuring difficult product development projects
  • Navigating Corporate Social Responsibility issues in the supply chain
  • Dealing with warranty issues and product recalls
  • Ensuring appropriate executive management of the supply chain

…among other topics that are prominent in the supply chain world today!